Meet Kay Hiramine

Kay Hiramine

Kay is the Catalyst for Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG). Kay was born into a first generation Japanese American home. He received an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (IDHA) from the University of Geneva, Fordham University, The Center for International Health and Cooperation and the Royal College of Surgeons at the University of Belfast. He has also been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Philosphy (PH.D) from Kathmandu International University in June, 2010. The doctorate degree is in the field of Philanthropy.

Kay’s distinguished career in the non-profit sector has involved starting multiple non-profits and overseening global initiatives involving millions of people and every country of the world.

Kay is one of the founders of Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG), located in Palmer Lake, CO. He has worked with NGOs, IOs, government officials, business leaders and faith based groups in humanitarian activities around the world. Kay resides with his wife Julie in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have five daughters.


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