Why a Ministry to “World Changers”?

The church has gotten really good at ministering to specific needs. For instance, an entire constellation of stars shines along the beltway of life seasons: nursery ministry, children’s ministry, middle school ministry, teen ministry, college ministry, young adult ministry, singles ministry, ministry to young mothers, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, couples ministry, and seniors’ ministry.

And that’s just for the age groups.

Why this cottage industry of demographic-specific care? It’s simple: certain people need certain kinds of care.

We have even recognized that ministers need certain kind of care, as demonstrated by pastor’s breakfast and prayer groups that occur annual across the country.

But one people group that is often over-looked is fledgling ministry leaders, those young people who are beginning a heaven-sanctioned journey of obedience.

These leaders are not hypothetical.

  • Amy Carmichael founded “Welcome Hall” when she was 22.
  • Loren Cunningham launched YWAM when he was 25.
  • Mark Driscoll launched Mars Hill Church when he was 25.
  • Our beloved Dr. David Noebel began Summit Ministries when he was 26.
  • Billy Graham held his Los Angeles revival meetings when he was 31 –after become the president of Northwestern Bible College the year before.
  • Bill Gothard gave his first “Basic Youth Conflicts” seminar when he was 31.
  • Elizabeth Elliot published her first book when she was 32.
  • John Piper became senior pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church when he was 34.
  • Kay Arthur joined her husband on the mission field when she was 32 and then co-founded what would become “Precept Ministries International” when she was 36.

And we probably should mention Jesus, who began his ministry when he was about 30 years old (Luke 3:23).

What was one of the things that all these these leaders and ministries have in common? Answer: difficulty.

They were people in need of incredible support during difficult times.

We believe that every minister –whether they’re a preacher in a congregation of 50 or the president of a multi-national organization– needs care.  But certain ministers need certain kinds of care. The leaders that God is raising up from this generation need a special kind of care.

And that’s our mission: to care for the leaders that God is raising up continue His work for the next 50 years and beyond.