Time to Quit

As a special gift to the world changers who have attended our previous events, we mailed copies of Seth Godin’s The Dip and we’d like to give a copy to those of you who are joining us for the first time! More on that below.

Godin begins the book by pointing out the power of the Zipf curve (Randall Niles will explain more about that on Friday’s post), and explains the importance of becoming the best in the world –what is really the best in your world. He writes,

The mass market is dying. There is no longer one best song or one best kind of coffee. Now there are a million micromarkets, but each micromarket still has a best. If your micromarket is “organic markets in Tulsa,” then that’s your world. And being the best in that world is the place to be.

Exactly. Here in the WCS shop, we believe that changing the world starts by changing your world. That is, the world that God put you in. Through consistent, diligent obedience, your world will be changed. And as that piece of the global puzzle is conformed into the image of Christ, it begins to effect the pieces around it.

But the number one problem that we have seen with “world changers” is that we consistently bite off more than we can chew.

Rather than having a commitment to calling, we have a commitment to everything. This creates an insurmountable to-do list that leads to a commitment to nothing.

As Godin puts it,

If you’re sold on being the best, but you’ve been frustrated in the route you’re taking to get there, then you need to start doing some quitting.

Ask yourself, Is there a commitment in your life that is keeping you from being committed to the other things in your life?

Did your pride or fear push you to say yes to something that has caused a drop in the quality of your work?

Is your plate so full it looks like a chafing dish (as Elizabeth would say)?

Be honest with yourself: right now, on your mind or your to-do list is a project or an opportunity that is sapping the life out of you and the things you’ve been called to do.

So isn’t it time to quit?

We’d like to help you do that.

For those of you who haven’t attended a World Changers’ Summit yet, we’re going to give a copy of The Dip to the first 10 of you who register.

And for you alumni who haven’t yet received your copy, the offer still stands. Just send an e-mail to david@wcsummit.com

One final thought: By saying “no” to everything else, you can say “yes” to your calling.