Meet Rowan Gillson

Rowan Gillson

Rowan Gillson, founder of World Changers Summit, is the President and CEO of the Institute of Photographic Studies. ( He and his wife Jocelyn reside in Portland, OR, but spend much of their time on the road hosting photography workshops rooted in a Christian worldview. Rowan has traveled the world, serving as a team leader for various groups throughout Asia, Europe, and New Zealand/Australia. Rowan has hosted large events for the Institute in Basic Life Principles and served as an Assistant Staff Director at Summit Ministries. In 2010 Rowan was selected as one of 4000 Christian leaders from around the world to participate in the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa.


Sunday, 9:30am – Dream Big for the Glory of God (see more sessions here)