We Are Not a Conference

The peculiar thing about conferences is that the best moments happen in the cracks of the event.

Almost all of us have attended, organized, promoted, and/or spoken at countless conferences. But for being a place filled with people, it can be isolating –confirming the old adage that the loneliest place to be is in a crowd.

We love conferences, but conferences are usually a convention center full of people you can’t possibly connect with; speakers you can only meet after waiting in line; schedules that require track shoes and MREs; and crumpled up handouts that end up going through the wash while you try to sleep off your “vacation”.

Conferences work to get everyone’s face to point in one direction. But experience says that discipleship happens when we face each other.

True, getting content out to a large audience is efficient, but it’s not personal and therefore, as often as not, unhelpful. So the best moments tend to happen in the cracks. In conversations between main events. When you’re at breakfast with a friend or a late-night dinner conversation that lasts until the wait staff clear down the tables. When you find yourself standing in the line at Starbucks with one of the keynote speakers. Or in an exchange after a breakout session when everyone else has left.

Knowing that, we asked ourselves, what if the main attraction was actually something that was that attractive? Imagine an event where you could have a conversation with the speaker. Imagine an event where the other people were in your same life situations, doing what you’re doing and eager to share the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Imagine going to a conference with only the people you wanted to talk to, to connect with and collaborate.

That’s the World Changers’ Summit.

And to make that experience happen, we have three distinctive:

1. Format

Looking at the list of previous and current WCS attendees, there is a lot of experience in the room. You all are ministry leaders, small business owners, CEOs, presidents, artists, and entrepreneurs. We feel It would be a horrible waste to assemble all of that God given talent just to insist you sit quietly while somebody else talks.

So rather than follow the typical lecture format (50 minutes of lecture followed by 10 minutes of caffeinating), we’ve asked our speakers to distill their message to 30 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of round table discussion with the world changers next to you followed by 30 minutes of Q&A with the speaker.

Why? Because this event isn’t just about education, it’s about collaboration. We only have four days together and we want to hear from you.

The World Changers’ Summit is not a restaurant, with professional staff delivering menu items that you may have been able to make better at home. It’s a farmers’ market, where people who work as hard as you come together to share their passions and strengths.

2. Size

This event is small, limited to between 30-60 leaders. While that also makes it expensive, it also makes it stronger. Typically, you will only hear our speakers in a room with hundreds of people, all from incredibly diverse walks of life with as many unique questions and scenarios. Our goal is to take a segment of that group (the leaders and culture makers) and give them an opportunity to focus on their specific needs.

3. Coaches

For the special needs that remain, we’re bringing coaches. These are professionals in their respective fields who are bringing their in expertise to 30 minute, one-on-one consultations with you on legal issues, business, accounting, fundraising, publishing, SEO and web design, event management, marketing and branding.

We want to serve you with an even that is unlike any you’ve been to before. We’re hearing your stories, hearing your passion and seeing your vision. Come see that you’re not alone. Come talk with your fellow disciples. Come see what God is doing through your generation.

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