Meet “Dusting for Fingerprints” Scholarship winner Robert Oakley

Continuing our introductions from Monday (click here), we are excited to introduce you to the second “Dusting for Fingerprints” scholarship winner, Robert Oakley.

Robert submitted a detailed and articulate explanation of the various ministries and projects that he’s involved with. We’ve asked Robert to share some of his story.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I was a true born son from Kansas and then got to Texas as fast as I could. Raised in a Christian home, I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. The dynamic integration with my family gives me a unique perspective when I’m working with kids in high school who have never had that connection with a father or a mother.

Right now, my focus is on completing my education as I prepare to pursue a long career teaching. I am also helping with ESL instruction to Chinese students who reside in the city of Houston.

2. What are your plans for ministry?

I really hope to integrate education and media. I like the journalistic style of film and I simply love narrative and how creative you can be with narrative. As far as future plans go, the medium that intrigues me the most, and appears to be the most effective, is film and visual communications. As Christ was our great instructor in righteousness through storytelling, Christians ought to remain among the of best of storytellers as their stories reflect who Christ is and remind us of what He has done.

3. How did you get started?

Through the Boy Scouts, I received my first opportunity to seriously pursue film and filmmaking when they had a film week. Later, as an eagle scout, a friend was doing a film project for a local Pregnancy Help Center and asked me join. But I’ve always been interested in photography and media ever since my father introduced me to Photoshop, graphic design, and print.

4. Who are some of your (non-Biblical) spiritual influences?

My parents, for sure. An amazing Bible teacher, Dr. Louse Marcos (Scholar in Residence at Houston Baptist University) who showed me how much there is to know. I was also privileged to attend Summit Semester where I learned from Dr. Michael Bauman.

5. What are you most looking forward to at WCS?

I am looking forward to meeting with some of the heads of all the ministries there: Summit, CollegePlus, IPS, etc. and just to be able to pick their brain and ask, “How did you guys get started and where do I go from where I am right now.”

We’re looking forward to meeting Robert later this month!

A special thanks to our friends at CollegePlus and Life Purpose Planning. Having spoken with both of the winners, we can say with confidence that your kindness and support is definitely making an impact!

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