The Vision

For every generation, for every era, there are those who stand in the gap for the Kingdom of God. These are the World Changers. The bi-annual World Changers Summit will transform generations to come by equipping World Changers to do what they do best—change the world.

The great thing about World Changers is that they do things—they’re active. They’re people—they laugh, they cry, they triumph, they fail—but you know that through it all, the world around them will be a better place. They are Teddy Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena,” wrestling with the issues of life, never ceasing until success laurels their brow or they have been spent in a worthy cause. To invest in a World Changer is to invest in mankind, for they are not content unless the people around them have been changed as well.

A World Changer doesn’t wait. You will usually find them in over their head as they wrestle the issues of life. They need support, and crave understanding, but they are out there already battling it out for the Kingdom of God. World Changers are motivated by needs, not hindered by lack of resources.

There is a distinct need and a place for you. Every Paul needs a Barnabas. Every Moses needs a Joshua. We need you.

Return on Investment

Investing in a World Changer is different than investing in money markets. On Wall Street, a guaranteed 15% APY investment would draw money like flowers captivate bees. The Scriptural return on a World Changer is 30-, 60-, or 100 fold as their lives transfigure the world around them. But it does not stop there. Each life a World Changer transforms will continue to impact new lives, stretching your dollar to exponential returns. Our vision is such that within one year of the first World Changers’ Summit, more than 100,000 lives around the world will have been touched through our impact upon the World Changers.

The Difference You Will Make

Our vision is to remove the financial obstacles that keep World Changers from attending. By investing in this World Changers’ Summit, you will propel this generation of visionaries toward even greater service and effectiveness. You will feed and shelter. You will facilitate collaboration. You will encourage and strengthen. You will provide speakers and mentors. You will change the world.

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