Church Trending – John Stonestreet

John Stonestreet is an expert on The Church, The Gospel, and Culture. John has long advocated that the Church has an obligation to be culturally literate, that is, able to READ and WRITE culture. In this session John will discuss the trends that he sees in Christian and Secular cultures, where the mix, and what we ought to be doing about it.

Networking Success – Kay Hiramine

Kay Hiramine is connected with more non-profits than you have likely even heard about. In this session, Kay will discuss how to look at networking, and offer you strategies that will bring success to you, those you network with, and ultimately the Kingdom of God.

Technology Update – Randall Niles

Randall Niles unique ministry uses Google to share the gospel. In his session, Randall will share about the important changes taking place in our digital age, and present you with ideas for how you can be more effective in reaching out to your people.

Staying the Course – Dewey Novotny

Dewey Novotny is in it for the long haul, and you should be too. Dewey will address issues of constancy and faithfulness from the Bible to encourage and equip your soul to Change the World for the duration.

Stop, Drop and Roll – Dr. Jeff Myers

Dr. Jeff Myers is one of today’s leading Christian thinkers on the topic of leadership. In this session, Jeff will encourage you to Stop—to pause and consider who you are, what you’re doing, and where your vision truly lies; to Drop—get rid of the extras that you have picked up along the way; and Roll—continue on with renewed success as you pursue the core of your vision.

24/7 Discipleship – Dr. Jeff Myers

In this session, Jeff will share a strategy for making discipleship a way of life, not just an item on your task list. As a leader, you are constantly surrounded by your team who need you to be both a boss and a discipler. This session will give you new insight into making this more than just a good idea.

Doing More Than You Ever Thought Possible – Gen. Scott Vander Hamm

Gen. Vander Hamm has thousands of active duty personnel and tens of thousands of military dependents under his care, but he has a family of 10 kids as well. In this session, Scott will share some tried and true personal tips for getting the right things done without sacrificing the people you love.

Dream Big For the Glory of God – Rowan Gillson

Rowan Gillson loves to dream big, and his biography can prove it. In this session, Rowan will talk about how the dreams we pursue need to flow out of a relationship with God, and the dangers of replacing God with dreams. This final session will encourage you to dream bigger, hope further, and love your God more than ever before.