The Saturday afternoon coaching sessions are where the rubber meets the road, they are the thing that sets World Changers Summit apart from every other conference you’ve ever heard of. On Saturday afternoon you will have the opportunity to meet with experienced leaders who have solved the challenges you now face. This is your chance to pick the brain of Kingdom-minded professionals whose opinions would probably cost you hundreds of dollars in any other context. Each of our World Changers Coaches is donating their time and expertise to invest in you!

Alphabetical list of coaches

Aaron Atwood

Aaron Atwood is the Director of Advancement for Summit Ministries and has worked in funds development for nearly a decade. Before leading a team at Summit, Aaron held positions at Focus on the Family, Centura Health, a $1 billion dollar health care system, and at a local church with more than 1,000 members. Aaron spent seven years consulting both large and small non-profits like World Vision, Compassion International and the Colorado Springs Rescue Mission.
Possible starting points:

  • Developing or reviewing your fundraising strategies and efforts
  • Learning how to ask for money
  • Effective donor relations

Larry Brandau

A retired, 34-year employee of the IRS, Larry now operates his own tax consulting firm helping individuals, businesses and ministries with their tax services. Larry is one of our keynote speakers and is also on the Board of Directors for World Changers’ Summit.
Possible starting points:

  • Reviewing or developing your financial and tax strategy
  • Applying for 501(c)3 exemption
  • Maintaining tax compliance

Krystan Clupny

Krystan works as a Development Officer at Summit Ministries and is their primary grant writer. She also coordinates Summit’s one day Engage conferences. Her experience with grants may be your key to a new round of funding.
Possible starting points:

  • Are grants available for my ministry/business?
  • How do I prepare an effective grant application?
  • Successful event administration

Jocelyn Gillson

Jocelyn runs the Look Through business development program for the Institute of Photographic Studies, coaching photographers on effective branding and marketing of their brand. She works with Rowan on long-range business planning for IPS and World Changers’ Summit.
Possible starting points:

  • Building an effective brand
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Goal setting

Rowan Gillson

As CEO of the Institute of Photographic Studies (2000) and founder of the World Changers’ Summit (2008), Rowan operates both in the business and ministry spheres, and has experience in the U.S. and abroad. Rowan is also one of our keynote speakers and is the Chairman of the Board for World Changers’ Summit.
Possible starting points:

  • Moving from solopreneur to small business
  • Ministry travel and working from the road
  • Building effective systems

Steve Greisen

Steve is a Producer and Director at Reel Productions, LLC, where he has won 33 International Telly awards and 5 International Classic Telly awards for outstanding film production. Information about his most recent film, The Master Designer, can be found on his blog:
Possible starting points:

  • Communicating through video
  • Ministry through videography
  • Creating a promo video for your ministry/business

Julie Hiramine

Founder and director of Generations of Virtue, Julie is a noted speaker, published author and Christian leader who has encouraged and impacted parents and teens both in the US and internationally through her speaking and written materials. Julie is also one of our keynote speakers at WCS2014.
Possible starting points:

  • Navigating the publishing industry
  • Publishing vs. self-publishing
  • Women in ministry

Kay Hiramine

Kay understands the power and importance of creating strong connections that work to build the Kingdom of God. His passion and hands-on experience give him unique insights and creative angles on building a solid network. Kay is also one of our keynote speakers at WCS2014.
Possible starting points:

  • Cross-ministry involvement and collaboration
  • Building an effective board of directors
  • Contingency planning and conflict resolution

David Knopp

David Knopp has worked with multiple ministries and conferences to both develop meaningful content and implement effective administrative processes. His deeply held hope and conviction is that we can do the work of the ministry in a way that doesn’t cause burn out. David now serves at Summit Ministries, coordinating the 30+ contributors and developers for their high school curriculum revision and helping the Executive Director implement administrative best practices.
Possible starting points:

  • Taking an idea from concept to design to production
  • Coordinating and leading your team
  • Event design and planning

Steve Lencke

Steve has worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Private Sector Consulting, Inc. and HISG. He consults for clients in both non-profit and for-profit sectors.
Possible starting points:

  • Do I need to incorporate?
  • How do I set up my ministry/business finances?
  • How can I use my company to protect assets?

Dewey Novotny

Dewey wrote the book on Life Purpose Planning –literally. His passion is to help you go from dream to goal in as many practical steps as it takes.
Possible starting points:

  • Developing or reviewing your 5 year plan
  • Developing or reviewing your mission and vision statements
  • Help with burnout or discouragement

Mandy Pallock

With an eye for quality and a passion for excellence, Mandy has been branding and producing exceptional graphic design for over 10 years (including the World Changers’ Brand and printed materials).
Possible starting points:

  • Telling your story
  • Developing or reviewing your branding strategy
  • Graphic design review and critique

Peter Pallock

Peter has worked in every aspect of media from printing presses to video; still images to web design. Having formerly run the IT departments for the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) and Vision Forum, Peter is currently a web developer at Enthuse Entertainment, a Christian production company.
Possible Starting Points:

  • Finding an online platform that’s right for you
  • Review and critique of your current web presence and reach
  • Data management and networking infrastructure

Eric Smith

Eric is the Executive Director of Summit Ministries, leading the day-to-day operations of a high-profile Christian ministry with an annual budget exceeding $6 million. Eric has also served as the Director of Summit’s summer program and developed the Summit Semester program.
Possible starting points:

  • Organizational leadership and human resources
  • Shaping organizational culture
  • Program development